Ebac are the only company to offer a 100%, no quibble Condensation Cure Guarantee.
This confidence comes from supplying over 1.25 million dehumidifiers over 44 years to UK households.

In the unlikely event an Ebac dehumidifier does not solve your condensation problems, you will receive a full refund and our Chairman John Elliott MBE DL will donate £100 to one of the following charities: Olivia Mae Foundation, Cancer Research, Dementia UK or Macmillan Cancer Support.*

*Subject to Terms & Conditions

When you purchase an Ebac dehumidifier you will have complete peace of mind. That’s because all Ebac dehumidifiers carry a 100%, 30 Day Condensation Cure Guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied that your Ebac dehumidifier has solved your problem, simply contact our customer service team who will arrange for a full no quibble refund.

What is condensation?

  • Modern houses are like sealed boxes
  • Moisture created everyday from showering, cooking, laundry drying and even breathing builds up.
  • When the weather gets colder, moisture condenses on cold surfaces like windows or unused room walls
  • A dehumidifier attracts this excess moisture and collects it in a water container for safe disposal

Here’s How a dehumidifier stops condensation

  • Excess moisture is always attracted to the coldest point in the house.
  • During winter this is usually a window – where the external temperature cools the glass.
  • The excess moisture in the house then condenses on the cold window, causing unsightly condensation.
  • A dehumidifier stops this by becoming the coldest point in the house. So the moisture is attracted to the dehumidifier and trapped into a water container so it can be safely disposed of down the sink.

The Damage Condensation Can Do

  • Excess moisture can penetrate your walls and wall cavities causing interstitial condensation which damages the structure of your home.
  • Condensation and excess moisture can propagate damp and mould growth.
  • Both of these can impact your health and damage your home.